Hydrotherapy is the use of warm water for therapeutic purposes. It is used to treat sore, stiff joints caused by spinal osteoarthritis, ligament injuries and helps to relieve pain. The warm water also increases circulation which promotes healing and loosens up tense muscles.

The buoyancy of the water supports most of the body weight, taking stress off the joints. The resistance of the water causes the muscles to work harder to perform movements, allowing one to increase the workload of the muscles without stressing the joints, making exercise easier to perform.

13% of all babies and kids have a mild to severe handicap, arising from injury, near drowning, disease or genetic disorder. The hydrotherapy center is an early intervention service which helps all babies and kids with an impairment or development delay to expand their competence. The early treatment and stimulation increases the chances for normal development in the period of maximum brain growth.

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