Waterbabies/Garsfontein Aquatic Centre is a modern specific designed education centre and private practice in Garsfontein. Locally owned and directed by Jeanne-Ame Laubscher, who is a qualified Sport Scientist. Jeanne-Ame has obtained her BA (HMS) and BA (HMS)(Hons) degrees from the University of Pretoria. She also completed courses in child psychology and development, cognitive behaviour therapy and neurology. She is passionate about teaching babies and children how to swim.  She believes that we can be exposed to water and learn to swim from the day we are born. Teaching your baby to swim is one of life’s true pleasures and with a loving, gentle approach babies can be introduced to water, helping them to develop a fondness for water that will last a life time.

We strive to provide the community with professional teaching at all levels, from recreation to competitive and to deliver a quality and professional service to our clients. Our objectives are to provide the importance of water safety and swimming from ages 2 months to adults. We believe in safety and skill; two things our clients always leave with.

Our services are numerous and includes aspects where we not only help children learn how to swim, but much more.